Sunday, August 5, 2007

Forbes Top 15 Overexposed Celebrities

Forbes magazine has put together a nifty little list of the most overexposed celebrities in Hollywood. While some of these will come as no surprise, it's still fun to speculate on how they got there. Here are the top 15 and why I find them to be deserving of their respective ranks.

Britney Spears
Overexposed Score: 72%
What ever happened to the former Mouseketeer from Louisiana with big dreams and a decent singing voice? She fell by the wayside as the new Britney Spears emerged with no hair, two kids, two failed marriages, and a career that can be found somewhere in the toilet. The best decision she ever made? Unloading that loser Kevin Federline from her life.

Paris Hilton
Overexposed Score: 68%
Had Britney not shaved her head, I'm quite certain that Paris Hilton would have clinched the number one spot. Paris has no filter when it comes to her brain and spews out whatever pops into it. Judging by some of the "home movies" found in her storage unit, she finds herself to be above the rest of the world. Let's just hope that she's not also above the law .
  1. Kevin Federline
    Overexposed Score: 54%
    Who would have thought that a no-talent guy, who clearly has an aversion to condoms, would become famous by association? By hitching his wagon to Britney Spears, Kevin Federline became an overnight star. He's a mocked and disrespected one at that, but by some standards, still a star.

  2. Tom Cruise
    Overexposed Score: 53%
    Actor Tom Cruise sure knows how to play into the hands of the media. If he's not jumping on Oprah's couch or proclaiming that post-partum depression is a joke, he's busy promoting The Church of Scientology. Some people even wonder if his marriage to Katie Holmes was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  3. Nicole Richie
    Overexposed Score: 52%
    I know what you must be thinking about Nicole Richie ranking so high on this list. She's so frail and tiny that how could she possibly be overexposed? The sad truth is that even at 80-something pounds, this spoiled rich girl continues to make the tabloids. Will someone please get her a sandwich?

  4. Lindsay Lohan
    Overexposed Score: 48%
    What do you do when you're barely 21, bored, and saddled with more cash than you can handle? If you happen to be Lindsay Lohan, you enlist the help of your mid-life crisis mother and hit the party circuit full force. Then, you wait and see who crashes and burns first. My money is on Lindsay.

  5. Michael Jackson Overexposed Score: 47%
    Michael Jackson is known as much for his classic hits as he is for his frightening plastic surgery. In March of 2007, he took his fame to a whole different level. Michael arrived in Japan to host a party where for a mere $3,400, fans were granted 30 seconds of face to face time with the pop singer. Is it marketing genius or just plain pathetic?

  6. Donald Trump
    Overexposed Score: 47%
    From his huge real estate ventures to the hit show The Apprentice, Donald Trump can be found just about everywhere these days. The last time I checked, Donald was proudly peddling his overpriced steaks at Sharper Image stores around the country.

  7. Terrell "T.O." Owens
    Overexposed Score: 45%
    This famous Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was certainly involved in his share of scandalous sports behavior. Everything from accidentally taking too many pain pills to spitting in DeAngelo Hall's face kept him in the headlines.

  8. Howard K. Stern
    Overexposed Score: 45%
    Howard K. Stern somehow managed to milk Anna Nicole Smith for millions while she was still alive. Unfortunately for him, the jobless and now babyless lawyer will have to find himself a new line of work. Perhaps there's a future for him as a party promoter in the Bahamas?

  9. Sanjaya Malakar
    Overexposed Score: 44%
    While the American Idol judges rarely had nice things to say about Sanjaya Malakar , the country came to his rescue. However, we'll never truly know how many of those votes were legitimate, thanks to Howard Stern and the power of the internet.

  10. Jessica Simpson
    Overexposed Score: 42%
    Nick Lachey's ditzy ex-wife, Jessica Simpson, allows herself to be overexposed in more ways than one. Her own father/manager has even made public statements about Jessica putting her 'assets' to good use. In this case, I'm not convinced that father knows best.

  11. Howard Stern
    Overexposed Score: 41%
    The ubiquitous shock jock, Howard Stern, took his brand of humor over to Sirius Radio to the tune of $500 million over five years. When you factor in a handful of fat bonuses, this guy makes more in a day than most people do in a year.

  12. Rosie O' Donnell
    Overexposed Score: 38%
    Can you believe that Rosie O'Donnell was once referred to as the queen of nice in the media? These days, much to Barbara Walters chagrin, Rosie makes daily headlines for her outspoken political opinions on The View.

  13. Sean "Diddy" Combs
    Overexposed Score: 38%
    Perhaps the rapper turned fashion mogul, P. Diddy, maintains the interest of his fans by constantly changing his name. Or could it be the scandalous chatter in the tabloids about his extra special friendship with Sienna Miller?

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