Monday, August 13, 2007

Roselyn Sanchez - MrSkin Bios

Roselyn Sanchez

Place of birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Date of birth: 04/02/1970
Mr. Skin's Actress Bio
Former Miss Puerto Rico Roselyn Sanchez est muy caliente! After years of burning up the runways modeling, Roselyn learned the skinematic ropes on the sex-fueled soap As the World Turns . First flaunting her fine frame on short-lived series such as Fame L.A. and Ryan Caulfield: Year One, Sanchez finally found stardom in Rush Hour 2 (2001), stealing the show from Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan with her barely clothed beauty. Roselyn went on to float Cuba Gooding Jr.'s boat with her booming boobies and bottom in Boat Trip (2002), with her lengthy bikini-clad appearances serving as skinspiration to seamen everywhere. Expect to be extremely tired after watching ravishing Roselyn in Chasing Papi (2003), because this Latina lovely will continue to run through your mind for weeks afterward. With her sizzling sexuality, any of Roselyn's skindeavors are guaranteed to be burned into your brain.
Skinfo: A lovely vision of lips and hips in Rush Hour 2, Sanchez is a spicy seductress, shaking her money maker in a striptease that kicks Jackie Chan directly in his won ton. Roselyn's plush prettiness in the flick will bring a rush and rise to your own noodle surprise.
Quote: "You know how it is when you're struggling . . . then once you hit something big, immediately they want you, but that's part of the dynamic. And you know what? I love it."

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