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Charlotte Church

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Church's personal life has often been portrayed in the sensationalist tabloid newspapers in the UK (inspiring the song "Let's Be Alone" on her album Tissues and Issues).

Church released an autobiography titled Voice of an Angel (My Life So Far), at the age of 14 (before the release of Enchantment and just after she had wrapped up her Dream a Dream Christmas CD). Her eventual change of music direction is foreshadowed in the final chapter, entitled "Turning Corners."

Revisited with particular frequency is her love life. In 2002, aged 16, she moved out of the family home to live with her boyfriend, Steven Johnson (inspiring the song "Casualty of Love", also from Tissues and Issues); the couple split at the end of 2003. The tabloid press documented her subsequent relationship with Kyle Johnson (no relation), which ended in February 2005. The couple stated at the time that they remained friends, though shortly afterwards Johnson revealed graphic details about the couple's sex life to the press, leading to a slap from Church, which she later admitted.

Other aspects of her personal life have been criticized in the press. In 2002, she was photographed smoking, and it gradually emerged that she had developed a smoking habit (another fact alluded to on her album Tissues and Issues, in the song "Confessional Song"). She has also been criticized for what the press have seen as excessive partying, with plenty of photos of the singer drunk or misbehaving adorning tabloid newspapers, including one in which she gave the photographer the finger. In more recent interviews, Church has stated that she has now stopped smoking and that her behaviour is now much more low-key.


The press has recently devoted much attention to Church's relationship with current boyfriend Gavin Henson, a Welsh International Rugby Union player: at the end of 2005, she purchased a property in her native Llandaff, Cardiff, for a reported £500,000 (Henson admitted that he is not part owner of the property). They have now reportedly bought an old manor in Glamorgan. Both celebrities have since mentioned the possibility of marriage on talk shows and in the press. Charlotte and Gavin announced, after rumours were going round, that they are expecting their first child to be born at the end of 2007 (though they have official put off any talk of marriage until after the child is born). They have been nicknamed the "Welsh Victoria and David Beckham". In 2007, Church made another appearance on the British young people's rich list with Henson. They were ranked as the 49th richest young people in Britain with an estimated joint wealth of £10 million.

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