Monday, August 13, 2007

Alice in Wonderland (1976)

Director: Bud Townsend
Rated: R
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 78 minutes
Theatrical Release : 12/10/1976
Genre(s): Adult, Fantasy, Musical
Keyword(s): Lesbian, Masturbation, Menage-a-trois , Outdoor Sex, Public Nudity, Real/Explicit Sex
Who Got Naked

Kristine DeBell

Juliet Graham
Queen of Hearts


Sue Tsengoles

MrSkin's Movie Review

The onslaught of "gonzo" slob porn that has saturated the erotic entertainment market for the better part of a decade might lead devotees of the genre to despair of ever seeing sexually active shows that incorporate wit, costuming, plot twists, fantasy, frolic, and singing and dancing, all presented with production values that would be the envy of any major university's drama department. Take your neck out of that rope, my quality-craving brethren, and look back in languor to Alice in Wonderland (1976). Created during a time of great sexual and artistic experimentation, director Bud Townsend's nude (to the tune of XXX) musical adaptation of the revered Lewis Carroll children's classic is a piece of time-capsule magic, a special moment in the history of hardcore humanities that is even more astonishing and refreshing today than it was more than a quarter century ago.

Fast Forward to: (1:05) See a real, live nude girl's pleasure centers swell as darling blonde dumpling Kristine DeBell rocks and roils in unfettered hardcore prurience.

Skinfo: Sugar-lipped kisser Kristine DeBell's facial appeal transcended the limitations of XXX musical sex farce. Following her full-penetration debut, Kristine flowed into Hollywood's mainstream, lending her distinctive prettiness and personality to primary roles in Meatballs (1979), The Big Brawl (1980), and The Young and the Restless.

Skin Clips
Fast Forward to the Good Parts of... Kristine DeBell
Skin Time- Scene Description
Go down Alice's rabbit hole when she fondles her full-frontal form and plumbs the depths of her dugout.

(51 seconds)

Skin Time- Scene Description
You don't have to be the Cheshire Cat to give a big grin when you gaze upon a fuzzily frontal Kristine getting serviced by a bevy of licky lesbos.

(58 seconds)

Skin Time- Scene Description
See Kristine's boobs, bush, and her fairy "tail" as she engages in some explicit banging in Wonderland. Hardcore heaven!

(56 seconds)

Check out these great non-nude clips of... Kristine DeBell
Sexy Clip
Fast Forward to the Good Parts of... Juliet Graham
Skin Time- Scene Description
Juliet (with the long hair) lets her full frontal furbugerage fly while engaging in a three-for-one tuna taco special with Kristine and another babe.

(107 seconds)

Fast Forward to the Good Parts of... Sue Tsengoles
Skin Time- Scene Description
Catch a rearview of Sue's fluffy muffy and backdoor as she and her fella count all the way up to the number 69 while Kristine watches, giddy and giggly.

(90 seconds)

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