Monday, August 13, 2007

Yellow (2006)

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Director: Alfredo De Villa
Rated: R
Country: Puerto Rico, USA
Language: English, Spanish
Runtime: 93 minutes
Theatrical Release: 06/22/2007
US DVD Release: 07/31/2007
Genre(s): Drama , Romance
Keyword(s): Interracial , Shower Scenes, Skingoria, Strippers
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Roselyn Sanchez
Amaryllis Campos

MrSkin's Movie Review

Ripplingly sexy hard body Roselyn Sanchez shines in her breakthrough feature, Yellow (2006), playing Amaryllis, an ambitious young Puerto Rican dancer with an eye—and those two long, gorgeous legs—on making it big in New York City. Alas, as is often the case with foot-tapping hotties who long to hoof on Broadway, Amaryllis first must pay her dues as a stripper, and, lucky us, we get to watch. From there, Yellow effectively spins its tale (and Roselyn's tail) of ballet slippers to peeler poles to stage lights, with its ferociously alluring female keeping us fixated on her every movie. Yellow, like Roselyn, is red hot.


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