Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nude Kate Beckinsale Embarassed at Bare-Assed Mom

Nude Kate Beckinsale Embarassed at Bare-Assed Mom

Kate Beckinsale in Laurel CanyonActress Admits to First Encountering the Primal Scene on the TV Screen

British babe Kate Beckinsale recalls the mortification she felt as a 10-year-old child when her mother, television star Judy Loe got naked on TV and gave the entire 60 million strong population of the United Kingdom a look at her naughty bits.

"The mortification of going to school! People said, 'I've seen your mother naked.' I literally had to beat up nine of them," recounts Kate.

Now that Kate's own daughter Lily Mo is nearing the age when Kate saw her mom naked on television, the actress is foreswearing on-screen nudity.

Luckily for Beckinsale-admirer Kevin Sorbo and others like him, Kate has already got some pretty good skin scenes in the can (so to speak).

In 1994, Kate looked great baring T&A in the thriller Uncovered, but her 1995 full-frontal nudity in Haunted need cause little Lily no discomfort, because those boobs, butt and bush belong to a body double.

In 1895, Freud wrote to his colleague Wilhelm Fliess about the trauma experienced by children when they first become aware of the adult sexuality of their parents. If a child sees her parents in the act of coitus too early, she can experience neurotic symptoms later in life.

If seeing her mother naked on TV as a child has caused Kate Beckinsale to abstain from skin for the rest of her life, we can hold out little hope for Deep Throat star Carol Connors's daughter Thora Birch going any farther than her brief boob-baring in American Beauty.

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